living room WYSPAA


Manufacturer: Glazov Furniture Factory
Color execution: Wenge / Walnut Baltimore; Wenge / White Ramuh
In the new living room WYSPAA has everything to emphasize its individuality and impeccable taste. Glamorous shine of relief glossy facades with “magic bubbles” and pens with crystals spreads across the living room, filling it with the atmosphere of luxury and celebration. Specially for WYSPAA 1 and 2 showcases there is a backlight – WYSPAA 8, which can be purchased separately, at your request. Beautiful lighting always adorns and attracts attention. Thanks to the lighting of the shelves, the living room day and night will look different! Angled glazing makes showcases “light” and increases the overview of the collection of dishes. A capacious WYSPAA 7 Corner cabinet will bring to the collection solidity. A stationary bar, automatic lighting, shelving with shelves – the necessary functionality of a closet for a large family.
Materials and accessories: Particleboard, film, PVC edge, Back walls of cabinets and bottom of boxes: textured, painted fiberboard.
All modules of the living room “WYSPAA”