Inexpensive bedroom Bolero

Inexpensive bedroom Bolero is the perfect solution for your bedroom, excellent value for money. The kit includes a large double bed with a 1.6m sleeping place, a 1.5 meter compartment with two drawers on rollers, bedside tables and a chest of drawers with a raised capacity with drawers. The bedroom set is made in a fashionable color version of high-quality materials using modern technologies, this gives a guarantee of the quality of furniture and its reliability, and the inexpensive price of a bedroom makes it just a godsend.

The bedroom furniture set includes:
Bed 1650x2010mm. (Bed 1600x2000mm)
Cabinet-Coupe 1.5m (WxHxD) 1500x2200x550 (with two drawers)
Chest of drawers (ШхВхГ) 800х820х450 (4 boxes)
Bedside tables (2 pieces) (ШхВхГ) 400х500х420
Color execution: Wenge-Milky Oak
Material: chipboard
You can choose a bedroom complete with a mattress or without a mattress

Mattress “Bonel”
Block of dependent springs “Bonel”
Height: 170mm
Stiffness: medium
Mattress “Prime” optional Block of independent springs ps500 Filling:
OrtopSoft 7mm
Spring System PS500
Reinforced perimeter
Height: 150mm
Load 100kg per 1 sleeping place
Stiffness: medium