furniture Kapitoshka №7

Modular children’s furniture Kapitoshka №7

A qualitative, modern, practical and incredibly stylish set of furniture for the children’s room Kapitoshka-7 will become a wonderful decoration of the children’s room, and fill the room with positive emotions and create a bright interesting world. Multicolored facades are decorated with milled drawings with children’s themes, which adds to the interior the children’s atmosphere of fairy-tale, warmth and coziness. The modular kit includes a roomy two-winged cupboard with two doors for the split doors: a five-shelf underwear on the left, a dressing on the right is equipped with a wardrobe and a horizontal bar for the shoulders, which allows you to accurately hang out different clothes. At the base there are two wide drawers. Comfortable and very comfortable single bed with sides, thanks to which the child during sleep will not touch the cold wall. For storage of bedding at the bottom of the bed there are two drawers. An elegant combined rack equipped with five shelves, two of which are closed with original multi-colored swing doors, is useful for storing books, souvenirs, handicrafts or toys.

Buy a children’s headset can be a complete set or buy individual modules and make your own composition.

The set consists of the following modules:

  1. DK-1
  2. DK-11
  3. DK-2



Children’s Kapitoshka №7

Product No .: 4074
Детская Капитошка №7