Bedroom Europe-1

Bedroom Europe-1 – factory quality at the best price! A strong inexpensive bed (the size of the bed and a mattress package to choose from), roomy and comfortable wardrobe, a classic chest of drawers with drawers and two bedside tables.

The bedroom furniture set includes:
Beds (bed size and a choice of mattresses)
Bed 1780×2030 (1.6) bed 1.6m x 2.0m
Bed 1580×2030 (1.4) bed 1.4mx 2.0m
Bed 1280×2030 (1.2) bed 1.2mx 2.0m
Bed 1080×2030 (0.9) sleeping place 0.9m х 2.0m

4-winged wardrobe with mirror (WxHxD): 1600x2220x500
Chest of drawers (ШхВхГ): 840х820х440
Bedside tables (2 pieces) (ШхВхГ): 350х420х380

Color execution: Wenge-Milky Oak
Material: chipboard
Mattress “Bonel”
Block of dependent springs “Bonel”
Height: 170mm
Stiffness: medium
Also you can purchase additional modules (chest of drawers, wardrobe, bedside tables, bed, cosmetic table, etc.) from the furniture series “Europe”